Our service


  • Arranging construction projects
  • Arranging adventure-capital
  • Mediation of participation in companies
  • Arranging participations in projects

Management consultancy

  • Advice on starting a business (no legal advice)
  • Advice on strategic planning
  • Advice on marketing questions

Wind turbines

  • Wind turbinesProjecting of small and large wind turbines
  • Sales of innovative small wind turbines
  • Mediation of investors for such investments
  • Mediation of planned large wind power plants

Biogas plants

  • Design of biogas plants in Europe, especially Greece
  • Arranging investments in biogas plants
  • Mediation of manufacturers for biogas plants


Solar energy systems

  • Projecting solar energy systems
  • Mediation of investors for such investments
  • Mediation of manufacturers of solar energy systems
  • Mediation of specialist companies for the installation of solar energy systems


Research and Development (R + D)

  • Participation in the research and development of innovative technical products, in particular in the areas of energy production and electricity saving
  • Arranging such participations
  • Development of market strategies for innovative products
  • Mediation of technology partners
  • Arranging joint venture, also in China